Do not be afraid for I am with you; I will bring your children from the East and gather you from the West. Isaiah 43:5

Saturday, July 23, 2011

The "Road" Home~

Our journey has truly been guided by the hands of our Heavenly Father~ after losing our son Ryan 10 yrs ago, we waited several yrs before we began trying to have another child (our hearts needed time to heal).  After trying & loss we decided God's plan for our family was to "love the children who are already in this world" our adoption process began 5 + yrs ago~ after "patiently" waiting for our daughter May Lyn, surprise "it's a boy" Grayson Edward. 

On 01-11-11 we fell in love w/a beautiful brown eyed baby boy.  On 01-31-11 we became the proud parents of our precious son & our lives changed forever.  For months we have been trying very hard to bring our son home.  Paper trails, finger prints, home studies, US Immigration delays & our list is continuous. For indiviudals who have gone through this process you know our frustrations, for those who have never walked the path of "international" adoption, one must be patient (which can be challenging), have hope & pray (pray a lot).  After many emails, phone calls, Fed Ex & UPS over night deliveries we were notified Grayson is "FINALLY COMING HOME"......

For those who know our story ....our story is truly about faith, hope, love & strength.  For those who know little or nothing about us....please know our challenges have been many~ but our love has been strong!

Enjoy our story as we travel down this amazing path, uniting a family that has been created by the hands of God.


  1. Very touching, Miss Amy. So happy for you and Eric that it's all finally happening for you.

    Blog looks great, by the way.

  2. When i was trying to make a baby it was a very easy decision. When that failed and it was time to adopt, that was a very tough decision. It takes a special couple to adopt someonelse's child. I couldn't imagine the life my little Sieanna would have if she didn't get adopted. I have a watery eye writing this. I am proud to be called yous guys friend:) Thank you for not giving up on me like you didn't give up on Grayson. I can't wait to meet the little guy. Please feel free to contact me for ANYTHING. I am a builder you know. Grayson might need a fence or a gate or something. lol. Congrats to you two and thank you for adopting one of God's children. John and Sieanna

  3. What is the status? Where are you? Are you close? I can't wait to read that Grayson is in your arms and then to read that you are on your way home. Be safe and God Bless!!

  4. The not knowing is painful....We need to know what the status is he, how are you? I bet he(Grayson)and you and Eric have sore cheeks from smiling so much. I am so excited to hear from you. Do tell!!!

  5. I read about this article through Ray Veen's blog Big Plain V and it was very interesting how God has blessed you and your husband with a child through international adoption. Although from what I have read about the tragic loss of your first child that was born into your family; God always has a plan and purpose to bring joy into our lives out of sorrow. May God Bless Your Family and this little child Grayson whom you have adopted. And the similarity is we as children of God are all adopted and accepted as Sons and Daughters of a very Loving Father.

  6. I found you through Ray Veen's blog (he's a solid human being, isn't he?).

    Congratulations on your new little angel!! He is absolutely spectacular.